+ Style By Shazia

Some clients find makeup counters & beauty stores to be intimidating, while others find them to be overwhelming with way too many options, and they don't even know where to begin. I'll teach you what to shop for and how to find the products that are most flattering, all while helping you to feel completely confident when shopping for it! 


Companion Shopping

Do you have the time and/or love to shop, but you just aren't sure about the right pieces to get? This is the option for you. I'll teach you how to get the most for your money, along with how to shop to fit your body and your lifestyle, so you can stop wasting money on clothes that will just sit in your closet. 


A lot of my clients don't have time to shop, and they certainly don't have the time to compare prices. Others simply dislike shopping in general. This is where I come in. I'll do the leg work for you, bringing you pieces that fit your style, your body & your budget. 


Makeup Companion Shopping

Personal Shopping