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Packing Services

I think we can all agree that nobody actually enjoys packing for trips. Whether it's for vacation or corporate travel, I'll help you choose the right number of outfits, that you will actually​ wear, according to your destination, weather forecast and the events you have scheduled. My packing services will make it so that you won't even think twice about what to wear each day, leaving you more time to have fun & enjoy your vacation!  
As a beauty expert with over a decade of experience as a certified makeup artist, I'm here to make sure that not only are you using products that are safe and hygenic, but are also flattering for your skin type. We'll do a complete revamp of your cosmetic items, including makeup, brushes, tools & skincare. Then, I'll restock the items we cleaned out, replacing them with products that are flattering and great for your skin, and that you will actually use...all on the budget that YOU give me! 

Makeup Application

Everything from a red carpet event, first date, wedding or corporate event, to an entire trip to Vegas! I'll help you choose an outfit, along with shoes & accessories, that will make you feel confident & look beautiful! 

Closet Clean-Out & Organization

Event Styling

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Have a ton of makeup but don't really know how to use it, or what to do with it? I'll use my skills as a makeup artist to teach you how to apply your makeup with helpful & easy tips + tricks that will flatter. Along with teaching you how to properly execute things like liquid eyeliner and smoky eyes, I'll also introduce you to products that you may not even know about...trust me, eye shadow primer will change your life! 


Whether your home is stuck in a rut, or you just bought a brand new one, I can help ease not only the expense of new decor, but also the overwhelming amount of design choices. Rather than hiring an interior decorator, let me help you add in pieces to freshen up a space, re-arrange to maximize space and provide a fresh new take to help beautify your home. I'll find you the best pieces at the best prices, and people will think you've spent a small fortune! Your secret will be safe with me! 


Makeup Clean-Out & Restock

Interior Design / Home Decor

It all starts in your closet! I'll show you how to style the pieces that you already own, pair pieces together to complete a look, and get the most out of the clothing and accessories that you already own!  

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Together we'll go through your entire closet (including shoes/handbags/accessories), and painlessly weed out the clothes that no longer fit your body type, making room for new clothing that will flatter your figure! Then, I'll organize the remaining pieces to make them easily accessible for pairing outfits together, along with making your closet aesthetically pleasing & easy to maintain! 

Wardrobe Styling